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Fruit Bars

Our range of delicious fruit bars includes all sorts of interesting new takes. Our Protein Fruit bars are made to fuel your day with 100% vegan, fruity energy; we believe they’re the best protein bars in South Africa. Our Fruit Smoothie bars are the first of their kind – creamy, smoothie-like blends of fruits designed to fill gaps in your day with flavour. And then the Fruit Strips – just like our Fruit Rolls, but flat. Easier for lunchbox and handbag packing, and just enough for one snack. Yum!

Fruit Bars

The best protein bars in South Africa? Try them and see!

Among the best protein bars in South Africa, our Fruit Protein Bars are packed with all the good stuff – premium sun-dried fruits, fresh nuts and seeds and 100% vegan pea and hemp proteins.

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