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The Cecilia’s Farm range was born on the farm Koelfontein in the Ceres valley of South Africa. It’s a very special place to live and grow up in, and this brand is one of the ways we’ve found to share the joy, taste and wonder of this place we love so much with you.

Two horses in a field
A mountain range under blue skies
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Group photo of Cecilias Farm staff
Group photo of Cecilias Farm staff
Freshly picked pears in bins on a farm

Named for the farmer’s daughter, Cecilia’s Farm is a range of the most delicious, interesting and real dried fruit and nut based snacks and products showcasing not only the bounty of our valley, but also the best the world has to offer in this wonderfully diverse, authentic and much loved food category. There is so much to love here!

This is more than just a workplace. We respect, care, grow, learn and live.

At Source Value Statement

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We’re all about...

Halved peaches laid out for drying

Irresistible taste

Our mantra has always been “people know it’s better for you, let’s make sure it’s absolutely delicious!” and that’s what we strive for in every new idea, every taste and every pack. It’s got to be so real and irresistible that you can’t help going back for more.

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Unsurpassed quality

We source our fruit, nuts and other real ingredients from the best of the best, wherever they may be in the world, and then we bring them home to our valley. Here they are packed, mixed or transformed into our delicious products in an ISO FSSC22000 certified factory that overlooks the orchards and ensures that everything we make also meets the exacting standards of our friends and families!

Cecilias Farm staff sorting dried fruits in a factory shop

New traditional

There is a magic in the flavours, techniques and wisdom of the foods that have been handed down for generations, and we believe in respecting those traditions and doing them justice, and also using them as a springboard for wonderful new taste, health and sharing food experiences. Hand-made is at our core but we also have some very smart high-tech equipment that helps us take the best of both worlds and craft the new traditional for our generation and those that follow.

Our Extended Family

Cecilias Farm staff working in a factory shop

Our parent company and the greatest little food company under the sun! The At Source mission is to be always reinventing what healthier and tastier mean in the dried fruit and nut category, for a new generation of traditionalists.

A bottle of Koelfontein Chardonnay

Home to the orchards that grow many of our fruits, the sun-drying yard, and our factory - a 7 generation legacy that continues to sustain the lives of all who toil here in the Ceres valley to share its bounty far and wide.