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Veggies with Toasted Sprinkle

A delicious, healthy way to serve crisp veggies with your favourite main or on their own. Eat the rainbow, as nutritionists like to say!

Picture of Veggies with Toasted Sprinkle

Roasted vegetable platter with toasted nut mix


Prepare 1,5 kg of a variety of baby veggies, like baby leeks, corn, carrots, bok choi and other spring veggies like tender-stem broccoli, mange tout and mushrooms. Halve some of the bigger veggies, if preferred, or keep whole. Pan-fry in batches in a thin layer of olive oil until just cooked, but still crisp. Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice and serve with 100 g Cecilia’s Farm Toasted Fruit & Nut Sprinkle as a delicious side dish.



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