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Kwêla comes to Koelfontein


Tuesday the 1st of March was not only one of the hottest days this year so far at over 40 deg C, it was also the day the team from Kwêla came to visit and do some shooting – of the TV kind, that is!

Kwêla comes to Koelfontein

Kwela had come to meet the Conradies and experience a little of the life of Koelfontein – now and through all the generations of Conradie ancestors. In light of this, one of the first stops was the family graveyard just above the main house and nestled between the vineyards that overlook the farm and the valley below. Nearby Koelfontein’s energetic workers were busy harvesting this year’s Shiraz vintage.

9 March 2011 Image 2

Here Handri regaled presenter Lise with stories about his ancestors and how times have changed on the farm, all the while under the watchful eye of producer Riaan and expert camera-man Andy.

9 March 2011 Image 3

With the sun now baking down on us, we moved on to shoot some fruit in one the Forelle pear orchards where fruit picking started later that week and Riaan was amazed by their brilliant blush colour and the size of the pears, and then gratefully retired to the shade of Die Kloofhuis for some interview shots.

9 March 2011 Image 4

After lunch Lise interviewed Noelani and then we went off to visit the At Source factory where everyone wore the very fetching health & safety gear and some great shots of the hard-working people and dried fruit were captured by Andy.

9 March 2011 Image 5

Some others were more taken with the sexy blue shoe covers….

9 March 2011 Image 6

…and how well they blended in with their lab coats and hair-nets.

9 March 2011 Image 7

Despite the scorching heat of this time of year, we really enjoyed hosting the glamorous people of the small screen here in Cecilia’s World, and even our wonderful product names and their accompanying stories got their fifteen minutes of fame!
Thanks for visiting, Kwêla, we look forward to seeing the show and hope you enjoyed your visit to Koelfontein.
Watch this space for more info – as soon as we know when the insert will be aired, we’ll let you know!



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