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Koelfontein in bloom


In case you were wondering, this is the best time of year to rush out of the cities and into the countryside down here in the Western Cape – the farmer himself has declared late September and October officially the “most beautiful time on Koelfontein” – no mean feat since he is a hardened, level-headed agricultural realist and is not easily swayed by fluffy sentiment and prettiness!

Koelfontein in bloom

As with every cliche, there is a reason that Spring has always been considered Mother Natures’ show-off season, and the evidence is bursting from trees all over Koelfontein and the Ceres valley at the moment.


Many variants of apples, pears and peaches are currently full of blossoms trying to attract the most bee interest in order to make sure the best possible fruit is ready for picking from December onwards.


If you have a chance, it’s really worth the drive out to Ceres to see the endless kilometers of fruit orchards transformed into fluffy pink and white clouds of blossoms!


And when you’re done gazing at all the prettiness, do join us for a wine tasting on the farm (Die Kelder is open for public tastings Saturday mornings 10am to 1pm, or by appointment), or even stay over at Die Kloof – there’s a peach orchard right behind the cottage!


Call +27 (0)23 313 3304 for more info, or email to book your visit!



Evita se party

Last week Noelani and her ladies were proud to be part of Tannie Evita’s 1000 Women against Violence luncheon at the CTICC.