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Chef’s Picnic in Cecilia’s World


Chef’s Picnic in Cecilia’s World

It is such a privilege to live and work on farm like Koelfontein and part of the reason why we created the Cecilia’s World brand was to invoke a sense of this place.

And to show people where some of the fruit we use in the Cecilia’s World range comes from, we decided to have a picnic.

It is the first time we have ever done something like this so we wanted it to be a really special experience.

One of the things I always underestimate is how few people ever get the opportunity to pick their own fruit in a real orchard on a real farm.

So we decided to invite our picnic guests to pick apples in one of our orchards.

The other part of the experience was to make sure that the picnic was also truly exceptional.

So we teamed up with world-class chef Liam Tomlin who used some of the CW dried fruit & nuts in the food for the picnic.

We really hope the day gave people a small glimpse into Cecilia’s World…

…they also got to take a gift bag of CW dried fruit and nuts home to enjoy.

We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did, and that we get to meet even more of you next time we celebrate in our special corner of the world.