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A sign of the times


Between the first spatterings of snow on our mountains, the absolutely freezing weather and the excitement of the World Cup it’s been a busy time here on Koelfontein, but for us nothing has topped the excitement of seeing the huge (and we do mean huge!) Cecilia’s World sign go up on the side of the At Source factory!


This side of the factory faces the R303 that leads to the Gydo Pass (and bisects Koelfontein farm), so if you happen to be driving out through Ceres and Prince Alfred’s Hamlet on your way to the Koue Bokkeveld and Cederberg, you’ll definitely see it as you go by the At Source factory & Head Office.

Just in case – even though I’m sure you’ve figured this out by now – At Source Handmade Foods is the company that makes Cecilia’s World, and is based here on Koelfontein farm which has a long history in this area, and was part of the inspiration for both At Source as a company, and Cecilia’s World as a brand.


We’re expecting more snow any time now, so we’ll let you know when it arrives and then maybe on your way up here to see the snow (it’s only a 2hour drive from Cape Town at most), you’ll catch a glimpse of our world – it really is too gorgeous to describe – and be able to stock up on your favourite Cecilia’s World products!

Keep warm & hope to see you soon.



Its all smiles at Koelfontein

The month of June is always a chilly step into winter in the Western Cape, but the cold wet weather we all know is upon us will never dampen our spirits (besides, we and our fruit actually like the rain).