about us

Cecilia’s Farm is a place of wonder and striking beauty where her family has farmed the land for generations. The dried fruit and nuts produced here are irresistibly good and its people warm hearted, even in winter. It’s a place where everyone is proud of their heritage and happy to tell you about it over tea. Learn more about this lovely world and discover the reason why people say this is the best place to enjoy the finest dried fruit and nuts on the planet. Cecilia’s Farm is worth sharing with everyone.

The farm is called “Koelfontein” and it lies between Prince Alfred’s Hamlet and the Koue Bokkeveld, with the Gydo Pass running through the farm on the upper end. This is the Warm Bokkeveld in the Ceres region, the fruit growing capital of the country, and the source of some of the best fruit in the world.

This is a 7th generation fruit farm and we grow a long list of different fruit here including cling peaches, apricots, nectarines, prunes, plums, various types of pears and apples, and even some grapes!

But the farm is about much more than just the things that we grow and make here, it is also a place where people from many different walks of life live and fall in love and have kids and grow up. It’s an almost magical place to be kid in – and we should know, many of us grew up on this farm ourselves, and so did our parents and sometimes even our grandparents! We like to think of the farm as growing lives as much as it grows us a living. And we know just how privileged we all are to be able to live here and watch our kids grow up with space to run and play and climb and fish and imagine in. It’s a place where lambs and calves are born, where water comes from mountain streams and springs (which is why it’s called “Koelfontein”), where apples grow on the trees between your house


and your best friend’s, where you know the cow that your milk comes from everyday, where bikes can be ridden down dusty roads dodging tractors and where the winter snow sits on the top of the mountain guarding the farm. It’s a privilege we take seriously, and we always say we are farming so that our grandkids can do the same – it’s about the long term for us, and we hope that in a hundred years many of our families will still be here enjoying the magical world of this farm.