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A new arrival

I realize that we sometimes forget to tell you about some of the things happening here on Koelfontein simply because we have become so used to the seasonal rhythm of this Boland farm. Such an event is the arrival, like clockwork, of our newborn lambs in autumn and another one the calving season soon thereafter.


More of a rarity though is welcoming a new foal here. We have only a few traditional “Boerperd” horses for recreational riding on the farm and do not actively breed with them. But last summer a stallion named “Jam”, from Sutherland in the Karoo, paid the mares a visit which resulted in the birth of this beautiful little filly last week.


She takes after the sire who is also a deep brown-black, yet with her left hind foot sporting a white “sock”. We suspect that she will become lighter with age if her mother is anything to go by since her mom was almost black at birth, which led to her being named “Skemer” (meaning dusk).


The young lady does not have name yet, but we’re open to suggestions.