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Pink Lady Apple Wedges

Pink Lady apples are highly sought after blushed apples that are loved for their amazing sweetness and crunchy texture. We are currently the only brand that offers authentic dried Pink Lady apples in our range – look out for the Pink Lady heart logo on the pack that guarantees these are genuine Pink Lady apples.



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Weight 250 g

Apple, Preservative: Sulphur dioxide

Nutritional Information

Per 100g: Energy 1352 kJ, Protein 1.0 g, Carbohydrates 77 g, Total Fat 0.2 g, Dietary Fibre (AOAC 991.43) 2.6 g, Total Sodium 124 mg


Sulphur dioxide

Nut Allergen Statement

This product has been made in a factory that uses both peanuts and tree nuts.