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Macadamia & Cherry

A combination of nuts and the right fruits can create an almost perfect snack. Our Limpopo macadamias are combined with Montmorency tart cherries all the way from Door County in Wisconsin, USA. These red cherries are often found in classic American Cherry Pies, but we think they are at their best in a chewy crunchy mouthful that combines their tart bit with crunchy, salted macadamia nuts. A great enrergy and flavour snack.



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Weight 250 g

Macadamia Nuts, Cherries, Sugar, Salt

Nutritional Values

Per 100 g: Energy 2250 kJ, Protein 5.6 g, Carbohydrates 41 g, Total Fat 39.4 g, Dietary Fibre (AOAC 991.43) 3.6 g, Sodium 161 mg



Nut Allergen Statement

This product has been made in a factory that uses both peanuts and tree nuts