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Snow and thank-you in Cecilia’s World

Last Wednesday was a big day in Cecilia’s World – not only did Ceres live up to it’s nick name, “The Switzerland of South Africa”, but we had a wonderful dinner party on the farm for all the special people who’ve been part of the process of bringing the Cecilia’s World brand to life!


As everyone was arriving on Koelfontein late afternoon on Wednesday, the rain clouds were hanging low over the valley and Waboomsberg behind the farmhouse was completely invisible as it bucketed down. Everyone got to their rooms, freshened up and as we all made our way to the house for drinks at 6pm, the clouds lifted to reveal what the locals had suspected all day given the unmistakable drop in temperature:  icing-sugar snow sprinkled all over the Waboomsberg and surrounding mountains – what a welcome to the farm!


And what a lovely evening with almost everyone who’s been part of the Cecilia’s World journey too!  Handri started off with a whirlwind recap of the journey, pictures of everyone at work along the way and some highlights and lowlights which we can all laugh about now – it really is quite a process creating a brand from scratch.


Thanks to everyone who came through and sorry we missed some of you – hopefully you’ll all make it when we celebrate meeting our first year targets!


After the presentation we were treated to a delicious biltong potjie (guests on Koelfontein are sometimes lucky enough to be spoilt by Liza – At Sources secret weapon chef), Koelfontein’s unmatchable red wines and much later some brave souls even took on the challenge of Handri’s Koelfontein hanepoot witblits!  Much hilarity, laughter (and singing) – always a sign of a fabulous evening on Koelfontein.