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Classic Dried Fruit

The widest range of high quality traditional favourites in family-size packs.


enjoy our 'Fruit Rolls'

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Fruit Rolls

Our delicious fruit rolls are made from a thick fruit smoothie that is slowly dried in sheets and then rolled and cut into this favourite treat.


enjoy our 'Snacks'

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Individually wrapped all-fruit flat bars and carefully chosen combinations of fruit chunks to give you great fruit snacks that fills the gap.


enjoy our 'Dry-Roasted Nuts'

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Dry-Roasted Nuts

Dry-roasted in traditional Middle-Eastern style on a bed of salt in their own natural oils for exceptional flavour and crunch. Sometimes we complement the natural nut flavour profile with honey, rosemary, black pepper and peri-peri to bring you an unrivaled eating experience.


enjoy our 'Mixed Fruit & Nuts'

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Mixed Fruit & Nuts

Delicious, unmatched snacking combinations of hand-roasted nuts and premium dried berries and cherries


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Limited Editions/Specials

An ever-changing treasure trove of interesting and delicious new products to try – don’t miss out!