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Justin Bonello comes to visit

In late July this year celebrity chef, filmmaker and television personality, Justin Bonello, rolled into the Ceres valley to shoot an episode of his food series “Cooked”, and stopped by for a visit.

16 December 2010 Image 1

“Cooked”, as you may or may not know, is an extremely popular BBC Lifestyle TV series that is now in its 5th season. In the latest series, which is co-sponsored by Woolworths and is titled “Living Free”, Justin, as his website puts it, “embarks on an 8,000 km journey to find out where the food he eats actually comes from.” To achieve this feat, the crew was also sponsored by Land Rover (a small fleet which were painted in the colours of the South African flag) and Garmin.
Having chatted to neighbouring fruit farmers Robert Graaff, Louis du Toit and Trevor Abrahams, Justin then came over to Koelfontein where Handri spent half the day showing him and his whole crew of camera, sound, light and other secret behind-the-scenes people the whole path of our dried fruit – from the orchards on our farm, climate-controlled storage in large wooden bulk bins, the careful hand selecting and processing, and right up to the final packaged product – deliciously ready to eat.

16 December 2010 Image 2

Handri and our world here on the farm feature in Episode 10: “The Business of Farming”, and it airs this coming Friday the 17thDecember on BBC Lifestyle (Channel 180) @ 20:30 . Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!